Junior ML Architect

We are looking for ambitious individuals who are interested in the topic of finance and algorithmic trading. Your previous experience doesn’t matter to us; what’s important are your soft skills, specifically – an algorithmic mindset, interest in machine learning, determination, a desire to fully and deeply immerse yourself in the topic, and the ability to find the right approaches to analyzing large volumes of data.


  • Starting a Career as an ML Specialist.
  • Exciting work. You will become well-versed in the realm of quant trading and financial markets.
  • Strong ML practice. You will grasp the mathematics of financial markets and learn to apply machine learning in practice.
  • An opportunity to boost your intellect. You will constantly work on challenging tasks that will push you to give 200%.
  • Working at the cutting edge of trends. You will learn to design neural network architectures and train them, specifically for trading.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Higher technical or economic education.
  • Understanding the basics of machine learning. At a minimum, you should have completed a course in this area.
  • Basic Python programming skills.
  • English language proficiency at B2 level or higher.
  • Ability to analyze large volumes of information.
  • Desire to become an expert in ML.
  • Perseverance in achieving goals, despite challenges.


  • Participation in the development of ML architectures.
  • Development of trading strategy algorithms.
  • Development of HFT solution infrastructure.


  • Remote work opportunity (full-time).
  • Stable salary (dependent on the applicant’s skills and subject to individual discussion).

If you love ML, are interested in finance, and feel that everything mentioned resonates with you, join our team!

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